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Rakoma and Associates Inc. has been in operation since 2006 and has become a reputable service provider with a proven track record in delivering a quality service to its ever growing clientele. It now operates throughout the country with offices in the Gauteng Province – Bryanston, Eastern Cape Province – East London, North West Province – Mafikeng and the Northern Cape Province – Kimberly.
We offer tailor-made services to our client in:

  • Assurance engagements (Audit and non-audit)
  • Governance Risk and Compliance
  • Taxation
  • Consulting and Advisory Services
  • Technology Risk Services

Operation Clean Audit

In 2009 the South African government embarked on the Operation Clean Audit (OPCA) 2014, in a bid to address challenges faced by departments, municipalities and public entities with the management of audits, especially audit findings and queries from the AG. Four years down the line non-compliance with supply chain management prescripts, performance information; IT governance, disaster recovery and access control; assets management still remain a cause of concern. For the success of OPCA 2014 in any organisation, your efforts have to be intensified, that’s where Rakoma and Associates’ consulting department comes in, with tailor made solutions to meet your needs. Further refer to our services for more information.

Performance Information

With the introduction of performance information comes new requirements for compliance. Of which most organisations have not fully implemented it, and in most instances it is not clearly understood. Performance Information indicates how well an institution is meeting its aims and objectives, and whether the policies and processes are working and compliant with laws and regulation thereof. It is also critical to have effective management, including planning, budgeting, and implementation, monitoring and reporting. Further refer to our services for more information.

Supply Chain Management

With the high level of instances of non-compliance with Supply Chain Management Regulations in government entities resulting in unauthorised, fruitless and wasteful and irregular expenditure, our firm has an established consulting team which can assist entities to clear and monitor Supply Chain Management compliance.  Rakoma and Associates can assist you with a wide spectrum of services related to Supply chain management. Further refer to our services for more information.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

The aspects of governance, risk and compliance remains a key area for most organizations' going concern in the private sector. Furthermore in the public sector most entities get qualified reports in this regard. In light of this, Rakoma and Associates has an array of services to suit your need. Further refer to our services for more information.

Technology Risk Services

With technological advancement, organisations are more prone to increase in IT risks. Aspects of IT governance, access control, disaster recovery or business continuity remaining major causes of concern mostly in the public sector. Rakoma and Associates has a range of services to suit your needs. Further refer to our services for more information.

Quality Reviews

Our vision as a firm is not only to perform a quality review, but also to add value to the entities we serve and the country as a whole. The purpose of the Quality review is to provide assurance to stakeholders.

  • Our team performs quality assurance on:
  • External audit files prepared by other firms [pre-issuance]
  • Internal audit departments
  • Annual Financial Statements

Further refer to our services for more information.

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